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The Basilica

The Basilica of The Holy Cross in Jerusalem is located in Rome, in the Esquilino quarter, close to the Aurelian Walls and the Castrense Amphitheatre, between the Basilica of St. John Lateran and Porta Maggiore.
The Basilica of the Holy Cross is part of the route of the “Seven Churches” that ancient pilgrims used to visit on foot.
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Antonietta Meo: Nennolina

Antonietta Meo was born on December 15, 1930, in Rome, nearly the Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme. She was the fourth of four siblings...

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The Monastic Garden

The Cistercian Garden was created inside the Castrense Amphitheater, and was linked for centuries to the basilica and its convent. In 2004 the garden was recreated. The project was made by the architect Paolo Pejrone, and the work started with the aid of the “Friends of The Holy Cross in Jerusalem” Association. The elliptical space is divided by two perpendicular paths covered by pergolas that meet at a central fountain. The carefully cultivated flower beds are full of herbs, fruit trees and various species of flowers whose arrangement not only is aesthetically pleasing,

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Museum of the Basilica

The museum , created in 1999 within the spaces of the Convent of the Holy Cross, houses works of great historical, artistic and religious interest linked to the history of the Basilica...

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