The Monastery


The monastery of the Basilica was founded in the X century by Pope Benedict VII (974-983). Over the centuries various religious communities have been in charge of the management of the Sessorian complex: theBenedettini of Mount Cassino (XI century), the Canonici of St. Fridianus of Lucca, theCertosini (XIV century) and the Cistercensi of the Congregation of St. Bernard (XVI century).

In the 1600s by will of the abbot Ilarione Rancati (1594-1663), a new building was built with a refectory frescoed by Jaques Curtois. In this period the first nucleus of the prestigious Sessorian Library (frescoed in the XVIII century by Giovanni Paolo Panini) was born. The Library contained codes and printed books on religious topics coming from all areas of the Cistercian Italy. The current monastery was finally realized in 1700.

Today the parish, erected in 1910, is administered by the Diocesan Clergy.

The Monastery is normally closed to the public, if you want to visit it click here

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