The museum , created in 1999 within the spaces of the Convent of the Holy Cross, houses works of great historical, artistic and religious interest linked to the history of the Basilica.

In the section on "paintings", among others, are exhibited the frescoes of the patriarchs and evangelists. These paintings decorated the roof of the main nave and its triumphal arch during the XII century; they were rediscovered during the restorations of 1913 and removed in order to ensure their preservation.

A second section is dedicated to "sacred objects”; among them stands the so called “Shrine of Gregory the Great" assembled around an image of thePieta dating back to the VI - VII century. d.C .

Among the other works, noteworthy are two beautiful alabaster statues of English manufacture depicting the Apostles Peter and Paul (XIV cent. A.D.).

The Museum is normally closed to the public, if you want to visit it click here

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